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Nashville Songwriting & Networking

In addition to recording instrument tracks for our next 7 songs for Likewise' upcoming album, Owl Music' focus for our January trip to Nashville was to work on new songwriting, create opportunities for collaboration, and network. We had some great connection time with Canadian producer & guitarist Steve Dawson, Canadian drummer and singer-songwriter Daryl Burgess, singer-songwriter John Di Battista, and Canadian cinematographer Rogan Lovse (music videos, filmmaking). We also made long-lasting connection and some magical music with the A-list musicians who were playing on the album, including keyboardist and bandleader Tim Lauer, Grammy award-winning acoustic guitar player, Tim Galloway, exquisite lead guitarist Troy Lancaster, incredible drummer Evan Hutchings, multi-instrumentalist, bassist Sam Hunter, along with producer Dean Miller, and sound engineer Rory Rositas. Despite a major health crisis (Rachel had asthma and intense cough which injured her back--fractured spine and bulging discs), we were thrilled by the opportunities we found in Nashville in studio and at various venues, and restaurants connecting with more experienced musicians, producers, and fellow artists. We now have the exciting decision before us to return in May to record vocals or find a great studio and finish the recording with Michael Creber and Dean Miller in Vancouver.

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