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Owl Music

We are a music production, grant-writing, radio podcast, and artist development company creating a community of artists, musicians and fans who are creating and experiencing musical moments that transcend the boundaries of our time and reach people on their soul journeys.

Our Team


Rachel Prior-Tsang

Rachel Prior’s songwriting comes out of her love of poetry, her fiery guitar playing, and her desire to sing the dream. After singing and soloing in Vancouver Bach Choirs and Universal Gospel Choir, Rachel started her first band, Vuggy, at age 22, with songs that made the top 10 on CBC radio charts in   2000-2001. From amps in the sawdust of a garage floor back in the 90s, Rachel's songwriting is now blossoming in collaboration with Chris and their band Likewise. With Alaskan roots, Rachel loves the wilderness, and immerses herself  in the wild to write and connect with herself as an artist. In 2022, Likewise released their debut record, described as "haunting, exquisite, and complex".


Chris Fowles

Chris Fowles, began his passion for music as an audiophile, which lead to over fifteen years of capturing musical experiences as a recording engineer. Chris engineers and sometimes hosts the CFRO radio show which is co-hosted by David Symons and Jacques Lalonde. Chris learned to sing for the love of music, in community choirs, making harmonies. He has become a gospel-influenced choir soloist for over 10 years, featured on the Universal Gospel Choir's album Rise Above, nominated for best gospel album. Coming full circle, he is now creating his own music with Rachel as Likewise, and brings a deep love of the magic and synergy that happens when music brings people together.


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What They're Saying

Everyone loves being a part of our community

“I’m thrilled for [Rachel] and Chris pulling off such a fantastic concert, both for the audience…and the musicians involved...What a fantastic collective of musical talent you [surround] yourselves with. Thanks for including us in the experience!” 

David Symons

"Thanks so much...for including me in this fabulous extravaganza! I had such a great time, and I loved playing your amazing tunes with these amazing musicians and singers!!"

Michael Creber


Anny Shaw

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